Request estimates and hire developers directly from your app's dashboard.

Screenshot of Crowdbotics Tasks tool screen
Keep track of all your to-do items and request our help on individual tasks
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Pick up the dry cleaning
  • Buy spouse anniversary present

As with real life, getting through a software build requires steps. Breaking these steps into tangible action items is important for your sanity.

That’s why we’ve added the Tasks tool to Crowdbotics. With Tasks, you can segment your project into a list of to-dos and tackle each step in order. This approach keeps managers organized, developers accountable, and expectations realistic.

If you're a new Crowdbotics user, Tasks are a great starting point for hiring developers and kicking off your Crowdbotics project. You can use Tasks to directly request an estimate for each step of your build and manage your budget on an task-by-task basis.

Adding tasks to your Crowdbotics app

Adding tasks to your Crowdbotics project is simple. All you have to do is enter the task name…

Field to add pending task
Every project has to start somewhere

…and click “Add Task” to create it.

Created task view
Add as many tasks as you like to your list

But what if nothing comes to mind? What if you don’t know what steps you’re supposed to take to build an app?

Crowdbotics now has starter tasks for you, ready-to-go with a flat rate. These tasks are common steps required for most applications, listed neatly for use at your discretion.

Adding starter tasks to your Crowdbotics app

You can find the full list of starter tasks on the right-hand side of the Tasks page.

Start building your app quickly with our library of starter tasks

To add a starter task to your task list, select the checkbox to the left of that task and then click the “+ Add Tasks” button.

Starter tasks view with visible Add Tasks button
The“Add Tasks” button will appear when you select a starter task

Each starter task includes a fixed hours estimate and a fixed price estimate. As soon as you select a starter task, our developers will get to work right away and ping you when the task is done. Crowdbotics will perform these tasks at the estimates provided, which enables you to predictably budget your app.

Some starter tasks are free because they’re included with Crowdbotics. These tasks are often good first steps for you to take without committing any money up front.

Requesting a task estimate

You will find that our canned tasks don’t cover every single step required to build an app. You might also find that you need some help completing the custom tasks that you’ve created for yourself.

We want to be able to jump in if you need us, so we built the functionality for hiring our team members directly into the Tasks page on your App Dashboard. As soon as you request request developer assistance for any task, we’ll jump right on it.

To enlist the help of Crowdbotics team members:

  1. Select your task of choice
  2. Click “Request Estimate”
  3. Review and approve the estimate

Once you request help, our vetted developers will take a look and submit an estimate. Requesting, approving, and payment are all done directly in your App Dashboard.

Start crossing tasks off your list with Crowdbotics today.