Instantly scaffold and deploy your own Ethereum-compatible tokens with Crowdbotics.

Speed isn’t everything in blockchain development, but it counts for a lot.

There are many great tutorials available online that show you how to build your own ERC20 token, but each requires some reading upfront and can take up to an hour or more to get started. After that, you can count on a bunch of work learning obscure deployment tools to get contracts to show up on the blockchain. It’s like building on the web before AWS existed.

Can we do better?

With Crowdbotics, you can scaffold and deploy an ERC-20 token — as well as other kinds of applications — instantly.  (Scaffolding your ERC-20 app with Crowdbotics takes about 30 seconds. A full deploy takes a few minutes.)

To try out Crowdbotics’s ERC-20 scaffold, go to the Crowdbotics Dashboard and click on “+” to create your app. Then, choose blockchain as your app type:

Choose the ERC20 type of Blockchain app and confirm:

Add in token details such the token name and ticker symbol, as well as how many tokens you want to issue. This is the fun part! You can make as few tokens as you want, or billions! And you can name your token anything you like.

When you’re happy with your choices, click “Create App.”

And there you have it. Your new ERC-20 token is being deployed out to the world! This process will take five minutes, so go grab a snack and come back to check on the progress. (We could always pay more Ether to speed up the deployment process, but since this is totally free, we’ll enjoy the free time!)

All set? You are now redirected to the Application Detail page where you can see the activity of your app, and access the newly created GitHub repo containing your autogenerated token code.

The GitHub repository will contain the generated erc20.sol file and README with a link to your generated token on Ropsten testnet. Amazing! Our token’s out there in the world, ready to play with!

If you like your token, you can go even further and deploy this to the main Ethereum network! You can download the Sol file and do this yourself, or just upgrade your CB account. Premium CB accounts offer the deploy to Mainnet feature with a single button click. Premium accounts can also add certified Solidity developers to their project to get fully-fledged ERC-20 tokens to market faster.)

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