Today, software is intricately woven into the fabric of our daily lives. We are surrounded by digital products that enable greater productivity and connectivity among professionals, including in sectors that traditionally had little need for cutting-edge technology.

Sales and marketing is one such industry that has been transformed by engineering and technology. Let's take a look at how those changes took place, and where they leave us now.

Rise of Software in Sales and Marketing

There has been a paradigm shift in the buying, selling, and marketing processes of almost every product or service. Before the digital age, customers had to visit stores to compare prices and qualities before making a purchase. If you wanted to know more about a particular company, you would have to go to a library and compile the necessary information.

The inception of search engines has revolutionized the way we search, collect, and analyze information. Nowadays, it is much easier to find information about any type of product, service, or company. Moreover, people can buy products or services with just a click on their smartphones.

From slow internet to faster internet connections, from hard storage devices to cloud storage, and from traditional VHS tapes to digital downloads, we have adopted technology aggressively. Cloud computing and application store ecosystems are rapidly changing the world of sales.

Additionally, marketing strategies have changed in response to advancements in software programs. Digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing, website blogs, and various other digital marketing strategies have come to dominate the traditional marketing styles of enterprises.

What Tasks Can Be Automated In Sales and Marketing Using Software?  

Sales and marketing automation is a buzzy topic in the industry today. Several tasks can be automated using various software programs or tools:

1. Social Media Posts

With advanced software tools like Hootsuite and Hubspot, you can schedule your social media posts and even choose to repost automatically at specific times. By automatically scheduling social media posts, you can make your social media presence active 24/7 without hiring a team to regularly post content.

2. PPC Bids

Automating PPC bids is a much more challenging task than scheduling social media posts. You can use important software tools such as Google Ads and Adzooma for automating PPC bids. But the most interesting thing with Google Ads is that you can even build your own machine learning algorithm to constantly optimize your bids based on the parameters that are most important for you.

3. Webinar Marketing

For most B2B professionals, webinars are a preferred marketing tool. However, the process of webinar marketing is time-consuming and expensive, as there is a need to organize live events regularly.

However, with certain software programs, you need not worry about holding regular events. Just determine the number of webinars that you need and automate them to play at regular intervals. This process of automation will allow you to hold regular webinars with a small investment of time and money.

4. Keyword Research

This task can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks for various businesses. By automating the process of keyword research, you can save a great deal of time. As soon as the search trend shifts, keyword tools can shift your strategy accordingly, which is quite necessary for any business to keep their sales and marketing processes up to date.

With software tools such as Moz Keyword Explorer, Searchmetrics, WordStream, and SEMrush, you can automate tasks like keywords researching and reporting. Google Keyword Planner in Google AdWords and Google Search Console in Google Analytics are some of the most commonly used software tools for keyword planning.

5. Lead Segmentation

For various businesses, some leads are simply more important than others. These priority consumers are more valuable, and, as a result, lead segmentation proves beneficial in prioritizing such leads.

However, advanced lead segmentation processes can be highly complex and susceptible to unexpected errors. Therefore, we can automate the process of lead segmentation with various software tools that categorize leads according to preset rules.

6. Customer Service

The more customers you have, the more difficult it is to provide the same quality of customer service to everyone. Therefore, when you automate the basic processes of customer service, the majority of your problems can be resolved. Be it a quick reply to the customer’s queries through chatbots or taking customers' reviews and feedback – everything can be automated with the help of software tools that are specifically designed for such purposes.

The Role of the Sales Engineer in Sales and Marketing

A sales engineer often acts as a bridge between the development of the product and an organization's sales functions. They are usually found in B2B settings, where they help in selling complex products to other businesses.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which engineers can help the sales team in an organization:

  • As engineers can deeply understand the technical details and features of your products or services, they can set the right parameters for your business to identify and qualify leads.
  • They help you in identifying the right potential customers or decision-makers.
  • They engage in planning, preparing, and executing the complex deal processes and sales cycle in partnership with sales representatives.
  • They support and assist sales reps with attracting prospects for buying their products or services.
  • They are responsible for modeling financial business cases that are associated with sales opportunities.

Sales and engineering are not commonly seen as complementary skill sets, but don't be deceived – sales engineers can make a massive difference for certain types of software vendors.

Non-Tech Industries that Use Software Programs to Elevate their Sales and Marketing Processes

The impact of software and technology is not only limited to high-tech industries. In fact, non-tech industries are also using software programs to boost their sales and marketing processes:

  1. Postal and Courier Companies
    Postal and courier companies are transforming their processes to raise the number of users and keep them engaged. For example, UPS introduced the concept of i-parcel in 2014, where any international shipper can see the costs associated with a particular location and order. One can also choose from a variety of payment options and can keep track of their delivery process.
  2. Healthcare
    The healthcare sector has incorporated the use of software technologies to diagnose and even treat diseases. AI-powered software technologies assist doctors in prescribing accurate medicines to patients and help them differentiate from less tech-savvy competitors. Even before COVID-19, various doctors shifted their clinics online to accommodate stay-at-home patients, and the concept of telehealth and telemedicine is rapidly growing day by day.
  3. Food Sector
    Many consumers now prefer to order meals online rather than by phone or in person. Various food businesses have shifted to online platforms, and some of them have even made their own software application to adapt to this revolution in ordering. Food businesses like Uber Eats and DoorDash have connected themselves to online applications to increase their brand awareness and sales.

These advancements enable non-technical industries to operate with the same efficiency once reserved for the tech sector.

How Can Crowdbotics Help You Out?

Crowdbotics provides custom application development for both tech and non-tech businesses. Our sales and engineering teams work closely to estimate and scope individual projects, so we know firsthand how a technical approach can ensure the success of a software build.

If you're looking to automate your sales process, increase your market reach, or empower your sales team with internal tools, Crowdbotics is here to deliver a software solution for you. Get in touch with our in-house experts today to learn more.